In terms of the Use Agreement, the Directors of the Share Block Company will set the fishing rules from time to time.  The rules are intended to ensure that the fishing is kept as enjoyable as possible for the majority.  Please would you therefore adhere to the following rules and save our staff the embarrassment of having to confront you with having breached them:

  1. Rod Limit:  The number of rods at use at any one time should not exceed the number of bedrooms in your Croft (5 or 3 depending on the size of your Croft).  Apart from the number of rods, also try and distribute your party so that you do not monopolize any one venue.  Also be sure not to crowd other fishermen:
    • On the dams a proficient fly fisherman can easily cast 20m and may wish to do so parallel to the bank.
    • We do not have a system of booking beats. You are therefore free to fish where you like. However, do not fish a pool or run that is already occupied by another fisherman.
    • Dam Limits: The policy is one of Catch and Release.  You may catch as many fish as you like but please return them all alive to the water. Except in the case of fishing in Koljander Dam where a catch limit of 1 fish per angler per day.
    • River & Weir Limits:  The policy is one of Catch and Release.  You may catch as many fish as you like but please return them all alive to the water.
    • If at all possible, when releasing a fish do not remove it from the water.  Wet your hands thoroughly before touching the fish, restrain it by gently turning the fish upside down and carefully remove the hook without tearing the mouth.  Ensure the fish is revived before letting it go; hold the fish upright in the water and move it gently backwards and forwards to re-oxygenate the gills.  If the fish will not revive (i.e. repeatedly turns “belly up”) after revival), keep it and reflect this on your Catch Record.
  3. Barbless flies are to be used at all times.  This is to facilitate the release of fish and minimize the stress they undergo.  With a bit of practice you will learn to keep tension on the line whilst playing the fish and should not lose many of them.
    1. Catch Records:  Please record all fish caught, both returned and kept, on the reverse side of the form in order to facilitate the stocking programme.  Please hand in your completed form at the Office before departure.  If you did not fish or fished and did not catch anything this information is also of value and we would appreciate receiving a Catch Record reflecting that information.
    2. Minimize your impact on the fish and interference with the other fishermen:
      • Swimming, float tubes and boating are prohibited in the dams, weirs and river.
      • Do not throw stones or any other objects into the water.
      • Do not use radios, play music or use cellular phones at the fishing venues.
      • Please ensure that guests and children are aware of and obey the fishing rules.  Children should be under adult supervision at the fishing venues.
      • Give your fellow fishermen space.
      • Please keep all litter (including cigarette butts) for disposal into a bin.
  4. Conversion Table: 27cm=0.3kg 31cm=0.4kg 33cm=0.5kg 35cm=0.6kg 37cm=0.7kg 39cm=0.8kg 41cm=0.9 43cm=1.1kg 45cm=1.2kg 47cm=1.4kg 49cm=1.6kg 51cm=1.8kg  53cm=2kg