I can hardly believe that the second term has already passed.  So many things have happened during this term.

Our babies are all crawling, and some are well on their way to start walking.  As they reach their milestones, the crèche keeps adapting inside to accommodate their safety and play area.  You cannot believe how smart these little ones are. These toddlers can count to 10 in Sepedi and to 5 in English. They know their age-appropriate colours and shapes.  They love singing and dancing.  Teaching takes place in their home language and I speak English to them so that they can also learn another language.    Some of the 3–4-year-olds have started greeting me in English when they arrive at school.  You just want to hug them for being so teachable and smart.  In the meantime, I’m also learning to speak Sepedi.  I’m getting there but definitely not as fast as these little people.

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