Truly, “A MOUNTAIN TO CALL YOUR OWN”. Ownership at Verlorenkloof is in perpetuity, either in a syndicated croft which offers you two or four weeks per year allocated on a flexible preference basis, or you may choose to own one or more fixed seasonal weeks. In addition Verlorenkloof is affiliated to RCI as a top scoring Gold Crown Resort, affording the opportunity to exchange your week for world-wide holidays. Verlorenkloof has become a country home for many city families who would otherwise never have taken on a rural property investment.

“I can write many pages of everything we enjoy at Verlorenkloof. From the friendly and professional staff, the wonderful brunch at the foodspace. That freshly baked bread!

The beautiful mountain and valley views wherever you go. The cosy and well-equiped crofts (everything I could need in a kitchen). The braai areas, the privacy.

The stoep, where I can sit for hours, thinking, maybe reading, maybe writing, definitely drinking in the beautiful nature.

The best of all – it is quiet, completely quiet, that wonderful bushveld quiet which is quiet but alive. You can hone in on the small sounds and become rested in your soul.

Verlorenkloof sits well with the discerned traveler. A little like a single malt whisky with only a few drops of water in it to release the taste.

It is pure, close to nature, simple yet sophisticated. Do not expect bright lights and loud action. Expect down to earth family time, peacefulness and beauty, it will call you back over and over, time and again.”

– New Owner

We would love the opportunity to tell you more, show you the Estate and the crofts and surprise you with the excellent value that is still available.


This type of timeshare ownership is well known – purchasing a specific week in a specific croft to suit your requirements. Prices range from R 12 000 (out of season weeks) to R 49 000 (school holiday weeks) depending on the croft size and annual school holiday calendar.

Single weeks in every price range and season is currently available for resale.


14 of the 23 units at Verlorenkloof are syndicated. This ownership option is geared towards timeshare owners who would like to have more than one week or weekend per year to use, and use these on a flexible basis according to preference. Syndication ownership is in perpetuity and management costs are widely spread. It is the ultimate form of ownership of a rural leisure property, combining the best aspects of all the possible models: outright ownership, sectional title, fractional ownership, timeshare through to casual rental while avoiding the pitfalls of each with very little compromise.

Prices for two-week syndicate slots range from R 45 000 in a six-sleeper croft to between R 75 000 and R 95 000 in a ten-sleeper croft.


The Estate is unbonded and is fully owned by the Share Block Company, a private company governed by an elected board of directors. Costs are met by way of levies determined annually by the directors, and include substantial annual provisions to a refurbishment reserve. Levies are benchmarked in the industry to represent excellent value. 

The crofts are comprehensively insured and the company adheres to formal risk management and governance practices.

E-mail for more information and latest availability.

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