We are proud to announce the list of available weeks for resale. This presents a unique opportunity to acquire ownership at Verlorenkloof at excellent value.

The prices on the list below include VAT and transfer costs and reasonable offers on any of the weeks will be considered.

C weeks – these weeks are contractually COUPLED to certain weeks (mostly school holidays) every year
F weeks – these weeks FLOAT in between the COUPLED weeks to form the calendar each year.
Syndicate weeks – these weeks are ALLOCATED annually on a preference and allocation basis and differ each year.


Weeks are allocated annually on a preference and allocation system unique to Verlorenkloof.

LEVIES are invoiced and payable annually by 31 March OR in advance of occupation

LEVIES 2022 (VAT included)
10 bed crofts with pool R 9900/week/annum
10 bed crofts R 9100/week/annum
6 bed crofts R 8150/week/annum

Enquiries: info@verlorenkloof.co.za
Office cell – 082 048 0777