Extended Summer Sale

By popular demand, we have extended the Summer Sale and added a few more sought-after weeks at exceptional value.

Offering top-class flyfishing, hiking, mountain-biking, birdwatching, and other nature-bound activities, Verlorenkloof is nestled at the foot of the spectacular Steenkampsberg Escarpment in Mpumalanga.

Situated a mere 3 hours’ drive from Gauteng and just over 1 hour from Nelspruit, you will find no other venue rivals your experience at Verlorenkloof.

All offers are welcome and will be considered.

*Public School Holidays
**Private School Holidays
***These Crofts have pools.

2024 Levies per week per year

6 Sleeper Crofts R9 200

10 Sleeper Crofts R10 250

10 Sleeper Crofts with Pools R11 100

Contact Chris

  • 082 568 8881
  • chris@verlorenkloof.co.za

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