The Kwena Basin Schools Project, now in its 21st year, has developed through a partnership between the landowner members of the Kwena Basin Conservancy, the Wits School of Education and the local farm worker community.

Twice annually since 2002, teaching students from the Wits School of Education have been spending their prescribed 3-week school experience sessions in the Kwena Basin Schools under the leadership of lecturers Dr Jean Place and Grant Coltman.

The relationships and interaction between the learners, the students, their lecturers, the teachers at the schools and the supporting community have resulted in significant benefits to all concerned. Dr Place has been successful in obtaining and instituting a world acclaimed reading program called THRASS at the schools, which has resulted in vastly improved literacy skills.

There are three schools benefiting from the project, namely:

  • Klipspruit Combined School, a historical farm school
  • Umthombopholile, meaning “Fountain of healing or knowledge”
  • Phakama, a name derived from “Waking up,” or “Picking up”

The Kwena Basin Education Trust, registration number: IT579/2012 has been set up as a Public Benefit Organization (PBO) in terms of Section 18A(1)(1) of the Income Tax Act and has the following objectives:

  • To fund the placement of graduate teachers in Kwena Basin schools;
  • To host and fund the Wits School of Education student teaching practical;
  • To host and fund the Teacher Development Programme, aimed at upskilling local teachers;
  • To improve facilities at Kwena schools, and to provide resources;
  • To build the capacity and ensure sustainability of the initiative.

Currently, the Trust needs to create and grow a Capital Fund to finance the ongoing Teacher Development Project and to ensure the sustainability of the Trust and its’ objectives. Donations to the Trust will be fully tax-deductible in the donor’s hands, and will also be exempt from donations tax in terms of Section 56(1)(h) of the South African Income Tax Act. Bequests or accruals from deceased estates are exempt from the payment of estate duty in terms of Section 4(h) of the Estate Duty Act. All donations received are recorded in the Trust register and at financial year-end, PBO receipts are issued to donors.

For more information, please contact us:

  • Kirstin Legg
  • 072 594 3125

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